May 24th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Nationals @ Desert Dogs

12pm: Banditos @ Blues

3pm: Devils @ Blue Jays

6pm: Diamondbacks @ Interstate Bills

May 31st: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Desert Dogs @ Interstate Bills

12pm: Nationals @ Devils

3pm: Blue Jays @ Blues

June 6th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Diamondbacks @ Blues

12pm: Desert Dogs @ Banditos

3pm: Blue Jays @ Nationals


3:30pm: Interstate Bills @ Devils  ***AT NOZOMI PARK - CHANDLER***

June 7th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Banditos @ Blue Jays

12pm: Devils @ Diamondbacks

3pm: Interstate Bills @ Nationals

12:30pm: Desert Dogs @ Blues  ***AT ESPEE PARK - CHANDLER***

June 13th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Banditos @ Interstate Bills

12pm: Blue Jays @ Desert Dogs

3pm: Diamondbacks @ Nationals

6pm: Blues @ Devils

June 14th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Blues @ Nationals

12pm: Devils @ Banditos

3pm: Interstate Bills @ Blue Jays

6pm: Desert Dogs @ Diamondbacks

June 20th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Devils @ Desert Dogs

12pm: Blue Jays @ Diamondbacks

3pm: Blues @ Interstate Bills

6pm: Banditos @ Nationals

June 21st: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Blue Jays @ Devils

12pm: Insterstate Bills @ Diamondbacks

3pm: Desert Dogs @ Nationals

6pm: Blues @ Banditos

June 27th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Devils @ Nationals

12pm: Interstate Bills @ Desert Dogs

3pm: Banditos @ Diamondbacks

June 28th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Banditos @ Desert Dogs

3pm: Devils @ Interstate Bills

6pm: Blues @ Diamondbacks

July 11th: ***AT McQUEEN PARK***

9am: Nationals @ Interstate Bills

12pm: Blues @ Desert Dogs

3pm: Diamondbacks @ Devils

6pm: Blue Jays @ Banditos

July 12th: ***AT ESPEE PARK***


(HR Derby, Hitting and Fielding Competitions)

July 18th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Devils @ Blues

12pm: Nationals @ Diamondbacks

3pm: Interstate Bills @ Banditos

6pm: Desert Dogs @ Blue Jays

July 19th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Diamondbacks @ Desert Dogs

12pm: Nationals @ Blues

3pm: Banditos @ Devils

6pm: Blue Jays @ Interstate Bills

July 25th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Diamondbacks @ Banditos

July 26th: ***AT CROSSROADS FIELD #3***

9am: Diamondbacks @ Blue Jays

12pm: Desert Dogs @ Devils

3pm: Interstate Bills @ Blues

6pm: Nationals @ Banditos


AUGUST 1st through AUGUST 30th


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